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Hanke's Hunts - Guides James and John Hanke

       Located in rural Waterville, Kansas, we are in the heart of great Midwest deer and turkey hunting. Our family-run operation specializes in small, personalized hunts. You will be made part of the family while hunting with us and enjoying home cooked meals. A fully equipped lodge will allow you to rest and relax after your days of hunting. Born and raised here, your guide has hunted the area for 20 years. His vast knowledge of the hunting ground ensures your best chance at success of harvesting a trophy of a lifetime.

                Deer Hunts

Our deer hunts offer you the chance to hunt for a trophy of a lifetime. Our hunting areas consist of wooded draws, natural travel funnels, agricultural fields and food plots. This combined with great deer genetics will guarantee that you have a good hunt.

                Turkey Hunts

Our turkey hunts offer a rare opportunity, as the area is home to Easterns, Rios and a hybrid cross of the two. Midwest Kansas boasts a high population of trophy size turkeys, many with 10-inch plus beards and weighing well over 20 pounds.

              All deer hunts are 5 days and include lodging, meals, transportation to and from stand site, capping and boning of animal. All deer hunts require $1,000 deposit to secure hunting dates.

                Hunting license and deer tag required. Out-of-state tags can be obtained by draw through The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. Deadline for the draw is May 31. Visit Kansas Wildlife and Parks for more information.

                TURKEY HUNTS

All turkey hunts are 3 days and include lodging, meals, guiding and calling, cleaning and dressing of bird. All turkey hunts require $500 deposit to secure hunting dates.

              April through May

              $1000 two-bird hunt

              Hunting license and turkey tags available over-the-counter.

              Ask about the Kansas youth and bow-only turkey season.

            PREDATOR HUNTS

                All predator hunts are minimum 2 days and include lodging, meals, guiding and calling. All predator hunts require half of total as deposit to secure hunting dates.


                Mid January through February


                $300 per day


                Hunting license available over-the-counter.


                **All hunts are subject to Kansas state sales tax**


            **Hunting Packages and Prices are subject to change without notice**

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The Lodge is your destination of rest and relaxation in between your hunts for that trophy of a lifetime. The lodge is fully equiped with a mud room, living room, dining area, fully stocked kitchen and three bedrooms with their own bathrooms.

Living Area, Dining Area and Kitchen

The main living area is a beautiful open area that allows for you to relax and discuss the hunts with your fellow hunters and friends! The fully stocked kitchen is where the home cooked meals are prepared and served. There is a dining area to enjoy your meals or you can eat and watch TV. Next to the kitchen is a fully stocked bar area to responsibly enjoy a drink after a hard day hunting! Lastly sit back and admire the trophies taken by us over the years on the same areas you'll be pursuing your own trophy of a lifetime!

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Each bedroom is furnished with comfortable bunk beds to allow you and your friends a good night's rest before the big hunts! Each bedroom has its own bathroom with vanity, sink and shower. Each bathroom is stocked with scent free soap as scent control is very important to your hunting success!

Mud Room and Shop

On entering the Lodge you pass through the Mud room. The Mud room is a great place to keep your boots and hang up your coats. There is also a stocked refrigerator with cold drinks as well as a freezer for storing the success of a hunt! There is also a large shop attached where you can store larger hunting items.